Tired of hunting for quality classroom resources? 

Skip the time-sucking search and get EVERYTHING you need for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th grade classroom with an ALL ACCESS PASS to the Not So Wimpy Teacher resource vault. Unlock a library of comprehensive high-quality resources that will make lesson planning a breeze.


What every teacher wishes for... 

❤️️ Curriculum that has been created and tested by teachers

❤️️ Resources that help students of all ability levels to master the skills and standards

❤️️ Materials that are easy to prep and implement in the classroom 

❤️️ Activities that keep students engaged and excited about learning

 but the truth about teaching is...

 The curriculum you are given is almost always out-dated and written specifically for your on-level learners.

❌ There is nothing included for intervention and extension.

❌ It’s often just a series of boring worksheets that make it difficult to keep students engaged. And that’s only if you are lucky enough to get any curriculum at all!

❌ Often you have zero curriculum for one or more of the subjects that you are required to teach. 

❌ There are almost never seasonal and holiday resources provided by the school.


This leaves you...

📅 Scrambling every week to find resources to fill in the gaps on your lesson plans. 

🔎 You're stuck spending Sunday nights scrolling through Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers and teaching Facebook groups in search of that perfect resource. 

💵  All too often, the resource you really want is outside of your budget and you’re forced to settle. 

Lesson planning takes considerably more time than you’d like and you know that you’ll be stuck doing the same searches next week. 

It's time for a change.

Your wishes have been granted!

 You can finally clear your wish list and download the highest quality teaching resources for grades 2-5 at a deep discount.

As a Lesson Genie member, you will have access to a large library of high-quality resources that will help you:

⏱️ Save time trying to find the resources you need. No more weekends spent sifting through Pinterest, Google or Teachers Pay Teachers. (You might even have time to take up a new hobby!)

📒 Plan with confidence knowing that you have high quality resources that are designed to increase student mastery. Students aren’t just engaged; they are actually meeting the standards. 

💡 Differentiate with ease. With the Lesson Genie All Access Pass, you’re not stuck with one grade level of resources. You can download a unit that’s a grade level lower to help students needing extra support or download a grade level higher to offer extension to more advanced students. Differentiation made easy!

🌟 Meet student needs with a wide variety of types of resources for math, reading, writing, grammar, spelling and more! These are not just AI generated, boring worksheets. They are comprehensive resources that have been researched and tested by teachers. These high-quality resources will provide simplicity and consistency in your classroom.

💖 Here's what you'll find inside Lesson Genie 💖 

With over 1,000,000 Not So Wimpy resources being used in classrooms around the world, you can count on us to provide the highest quality materials for your students. 

Math Units

♥️ Daily PowerPoint lessons that break down every math standard into bite-size pieces that make it easy for students to learn challenging skills

♥️ Easy-to-prep activities that make math engaging such as task cards, games, and interactive notebooks

♥️ Exit tickets and assessments that make it easy to assess student understanding

♥️ Units for every skill and standard including place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, measurement, geometry, data and so much more.

Math Centers

♥️ Easy-to-prep activities that help students to review every math skill and standard

♥️ Student-friendly directions and consistent tasks that make it easy for students to complete independently

♥️ Student recording notebook that has space to complete 10 centers and saves paper and prep time

♥️ Simple answer keys & labels to organize center materials

Writing Units

♥️ Aligned to the Science of Reading

♥️ Narrative, informational, opinion, reading response, compare & contrast and more

♥️ Daily lesson plans that scaffold skills and are simple to prep

♥️ Anchor charts that help students to remember key skills 

♥️ Student printables that help students to plan and revise their writing

Grammar Units

♥️ Weekly topics that ensure all standards are covered by the end of the year

♥️ Lessons that can be taught in just 10 minutes per day

♥️ Engaging daily activities that make grammar fun but don’t require tons of prep

♥️ Printable and digital assessments to meet individual classroom needs

Spelling Units

♥️ Aligned to the Science of Reading

♥️ Weekly PowerPoint lessons that teach letter patterns and rules so that students learn to spell thousands of words

♥️ Differentiated lists that make it simple to meet student needs

♥️ Practice sheets and homework sheets that provide additional review or can be used in centers

♥️Tasks cards and interactive notebook activities that keep students engaged in word study

Reading Passages

♥️ More than 60 standards-based reading passages 

♥️ High interest topics that keep students engaged and excited about reading

♥️ Multiple activities and comprehension questions for every passage

♥️ Cover a plethora of standards including compare & contrast, central message, main idea, character traits and so much more

Seasonal & Holiday Activities

♥️ Project-based learning activities that use real world situations to practice math and ELA skills

♥️ Thematic weekly studies that make it easy to have fun and learn at the same time

♥️ Reading passages that help students to learn about different holidays and traditions

♥️ Back-to-school and end-of-year activities that make the busy times so much easier to prep and plan for

And so many more premium resources for grades 2-5!

♥️ Reading centers

♥️ Book Clubs

♥️ Test prep resources

♥️ Interactive Notebooks

🎉 New resources added monthly! 🎉

Lesson Genie already includes an extensive library of best-selling resources, but we aren’t done yet. Behind the scenes, we continue to create BRAND NEW resources that will exceed all of your expectations! You will get access to all of these new resources before the general public. They will just be added to the Lesson Genie library! 

And it can be YOURS today for just $39/month!

Yes! I'm In!

How to Use the All Access Pass:

Any time you need a new resource, all you have to do is...

Log into your Lesson Genie Account

Search for what you need (by grade, subject or type)

Click download & enjoy!

Poof! Here's where the magic happens.

As a Lesson Genie member, when you log into your account...

But guess what? You deserve even more!

Resources are great, but you also need a roadmap. Inside Lesson Genie you will find pacing guides that will help you implement these resources with ease. No more overwhelm. No more hours spent trying to figure out which order each unit should be taught in. Lesson plan with confidence.

Lesson Genie subscribers get instant access to a private members-only community. This community is managed by a team of teachers who are ready and excited to help you implement the resources in the classroom. From answering questions to celebrating wins with you, we've got your back. You will not be doing this alone.

As a Lesson Genie member, we are in your corner. You'll get monthly emails notifying you of all the new products being released before anyone else! There's even a category in Lesson Genie of New Resources that you can check to see everything that's been added in the past 30 days!

Lesson Genie is for you if... 

✔️ You are a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th grade teacher who is passionate about helping students to excel in school and love learning at the same time.

✔️ You are done spending your precious free time scrolling through the internet looking for quality resources to fill in the curriculum gaps, make learning fun, and meet your specific students’ needs.

✔️ You would love to have consistent teaching resources that are not DIY or pieced together from multiple sources. You are ready to have all of your resources in one easy to navigate location.

✔️ You would be excited to have all of Not So Wimpy Teacher’s best-selling resources at the lowest price point they have ever been offered. 

⭐️ Up to 92% off each resource! ⭐️

 Join Lesson Genie Today!

Monthly Subscription: $39 Per Month

(You may cancel any time.)

✅ 10 resources of your choice every month from the extensive library

✅ pacing guides

✅ members-only community

✅ math units

✅ math centers

✅ writing units

✅ grammar units

✅ spelling units

✅ reading centers

✅ reading passages

✅ seasonal & holiday resources

And so much more!



Have a question not on this list? Email me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Lesson Genie is an all access pass to the resources in the Not So Wimpy shop. No more paying every time you need a new resource. They are the same high-quality resources that we sell on TPT, but you will have access to them at a much lower price point. Lesson Genie is a subscription that allows you to download 10 resources every month. And I’m not talking about boring one page worksheets. I’m talking about comprehensive units that include PowerPoints, notebook activities, assessments, directions and so much more.

The resources inside of Lesson Genie were created for grades 2-5. But, you are NOT stuck picking just one grade level. You can choose resources from any of the grade levels. So, a third grade teacher can download the 3rd grade math units for her whole group lessons. But, she can also download 2nd grade units for intervention and 4th grade units for extension. This also makes it easy for teachers who will be changing grade levels.

Yes! As a Lesson Genie member, you are actually downloading the resources to your device. Therefore, you will always have access to them. We recommend backing them up by storing them on your personal Google drive for easy access.

Yes! You already know that Not So Wimpy Teacher resources are high quality and comprehensive. But did you know that we have more than 100 resources per grade level?! There are probably quite a few resources that you don’t have yet. Also, you will have access to the resources for grades 2-5 to help make differentiation easy. And don’t forget that new resources are added to Lesson Genie every single month.

This would include individual units, which is a lot more than individual lessons. Each month, you'll get 10 downloads and you can choose how to spend them. As an example, 1 "Unit" of spelling is 8 weeks of lessons, PowerPoints, homework, task cards, etc. And that's just ONE of your 10 downloads. Another download could be a "Unit" of math (many of our math units are $27-$48 each). So even though it doesn't include a yearlong bundle as one download, it's still a deep discount. And the beautiful thing is you get to put together any package you want each month! (Or just log in and choose one at a time as you need them).

Ready to make Lesson Planning EASIER than ever with the high-quality resources you love?


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