Hey Teacher-Entrepreneur!

Are you ready to impact more teachers and students AND increase your revenue?

In Digital Course Academy, Amy Porterfield will teach you how to create and sell an online course.

And, my teacher-entrepreneur bonus package will give you specific tools to launch it to the teachers you love to serve!


Teachers NEED your passion, your expertise & your unique voice!

Digital Course Academy takes all the mystery out of creating an online course...

Not sure what your course should be about? Scared nobody will buy it? Worried that the tech will be overwhelming to learn?

What I love about DCA is that Amy Porterfield makes all of this so easy. I’m a teacher, and I was blown away by her teaching skills! Not only will DCA help you nail down your course topic, it will teach you how to find out if you’ll have buyers before you ever record your first module. Then she walks you through her proven process for outlining and recording your course videos, creating the webinars and Facebook ads...everything.

But can teachers actually afford to buy a course? Will it be worth it?

Yes and Yes!!!

Do you know how I know?

Thanks to Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy, I had a six-figure launch for my first-ever online course and then I DOUBLED it on my second launch. I have welcomed 7,100 teachers into my program and brought in over $800,000 in revenue in the first year of my course.

And the best part? Teachers are raving about my program.

"I feel so confident about writing workshop now! Best $97 I've ever spent!" -Amanda R.

And, now I’m giving my best tips and tricks to my fellow teacher-entrepreneurs, so you can get the most out of DCA and truly help the teachers you (and I) love so much. 

But Jamie...there are already so many online courses out there for teachers. Does the world really need another one?


5 Reasons Why You NEED to Create a Digital Course for Teachers

Too many courses out there? For TEACHERS? Hogwash. Hogwash, I say! Because: there can never be too many courses FOR TEACHERS. 

What makes me so sure? See if the reasons below have you nodding your head with the conviction of a teacher choosing Crayola over Roseart crayons.

  • Teachers LOVE to learn!

    You could almost say they are bottomless pits for learning. Isn’t that wonderful though? Teachers really believe in the power of learning, not just for their students, but for themselves.They're always looking for professional development opportunities that will actually be practical for their classroom. Sadly, we know how few and far between that can be! 

  • And you LOVE to help your fellow teachers. Nothing lights you up more.

    I don't have to tell you how overworked and exhausted teachers are. In fact, that's why you created your TpT store--so teachers have an alternative to making every single lesson, activity, center, etc. from scratch themselves.

  • You want to have a MASSIVE impact on the world of education...and you know you can only go so far with your TpT store.

    In my experience, the teachers who buy more resources have LOTS of questions about how to implement the resource (no matter how much explanation I try to give!). By creating a course, I was able to teach teachers how to get the BEST results from my resources...in a way that allowed me to reach more teachers and still save me time.

  • There's something you've always secretly (or NOT so secretly) wanted to teach other teachers how to do.

    Maybe you have a knack for helping even your most struggling students with math. Or maybe you're the BOSS of classroom management in your school. Anything you do well in the classroom--or are just passionate about--is something you can make a course about.

  • You're interested in growing your business significantly this year.

    Having a course has helped me continue to grow my community, my email list, and my TpT revenue. It's simple really. The teachers who take your course become superfans who don't just want to consume or purchase everything you create ...they want you to sell it to them!

But I won't kid you...creating a course is still a lot of work! That’s why I created a Bonus Package for Teacher-Entrepreneurs. If you purchase DCA through my link, you’ll get this bonus package FREE!


My Zero-Overwhelm Content Creation Project Plan

This is the EXACT project plan I used that allowed me to focus on two things at once—creating and launching my course and running my TPT business—without getting overwhelmed or neglecting the things I love. I took Amy's plan and adapted it for a teacher-entrepreneur calendar, spaced out for a perfect June course launch!


3 Personal Reviews of Your Course Materials

I’ll look over what you’ve created (sales page, course modules, lead magnet--your choice!) and send you a Loom video (a screenshare with voice recording) walking you through my first impressions, suggestions to optimize and tips for increasing impact and conversions on THREE separate occasions!

BONUS #3: 

4 Strategic Group Coaching Calls

These four 1-hour live coaching calls will take place in February and walk you through 4 topics that are KEY to your launch success! I'll share my best tips for your Course Content, Webinar, Launch, and Course Facebook Group! Plus, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback in real time!


3 Strategies to Increase TpT Sales With Your Course Launch (Video Training)

Your digital course and your TpT store are the perfect pair! In this exclusive video training, I will show you the 3 methods I used to sell $70k in TpT resources alongside my digital course during my last course launch! 


You get EVERYTHING included in DCA, plus ALL of Amy Porterfield's bonuses, plus ALL of Jamie Sears' bonuses.


Want to Get Access to All These Bonuses?

Once you purchase DCA from any of the links on this page, I’ll get a notification that you bought through my link. I’ll send you an email with all the details. If you have questions or want to make sure the link worked, email me at [email protected]


Join Digital Course Academy

Take the guesswork out of creating a digital course and get your simple, step-by-step process!

Tell Me More About Jamie's Bonus Package!

Click to see the details of each one!

One thing that’s important to understand about DCA is that if you follow Amy’s instructions to a T, you could launch your course as early as January! You could do this...but most teacher-entrepreneurs have their greatest success launching during the summer.

I created my Zero-Overwhelm Course Creation Project Plan to help you break up the work over a longer period of time, so you can have a big launch in the summer, when teachers are excited to buy!

This is the exact project plan I used and it made doing both things—creating and launching my course, and running my TPT business—so much more manageable.

A big part of DCA is the DCA Facebook group, where participants are encouraged to share the course materials—course outline, webinar slides, sales page, sales emails, etc.—to get feedback on them. I found this enormously helpful and inspirational! People taking DCA had so many good ideas!

But, it can feel a little nerve-wracking to ask for public review, because with it comes scrutiny. Eeek! So as part of the Power Mentorship, I’m offering 3 private reviews of the course materials you’re creating. 

I’ll look over what you’ve created and send you a Loom video (a screenshare with voice recording) walking you through:

  • What’s working or not working, based on my own experience with launching an online course. 
  • Insights I’ve gleaned from years of private coaching, so you can create an even more powerful course.
  • How to increase conver$sions during launch, so you can have an impact on more teachers!

These reviews will be offered at three specific times...after the course has ended. The exact schedule is TBA. But, these will fit in with my Zero-Overwhelm Course Creation Project Plan—so you’ll be getting support right when you need it, when the DCA Facebook group has died down.

The most fun part of the Power Mentorship is my live coaching calls! They’ll start in February and be an hour long. For the first half, I’ll teach in to topics covered in DCA and how to implement them specifically for a teacher audience. During the second half, I’ll open the call for questions so you can get live feedback from me as you’re building your course.

The schedule for the calls is:

  • Week 1, Your course content: What should your course be about? Is your topic too big or too small? What’s the best way to break up the modules? We’ll dive headfirst into figuring out the big questions.
  • Week 2, Your webinar: The webinar is the linchpin of selling your course. You’ll be developing a free masterclass that provides big value for your audience and leaves them wanting more (which they can only get if they purchase your course). You’ll walk away feeling fearless about delivering a masterclass that doesn’t make you feel “sales-y.” 
  • Week 3, Your launch: I won’t lie, launch is big! There are many marketing communications to create. Amy covers this topic in great detail. But in this call, I’ll cover how many emails you (as a teacher-entrepreneur) really need to send, what to say during Facebook lives, how to craft an effective Facebook ad, and other scrappy techniques that will help you sell more courses. You’ll leave the call feeling confident about your launch and its various components.
  • Week 4, Course Facebook Group: Unlike the webinar, having a Facebook group isn’t considered a mandatory part of creating and launching a course. But I absolutely recommend you have one! Why? It’s a huge benefit to them and to you. Instead of having to respond to the same questions over and over in email, you’ll be able to answer them publicly in your group so everyone benefits. Better yet, you’ll be able to get testimonials and improve your course for future launches. You’ll walk away from this call understanding what to post in the group to encourage participation (including gamification strategies!) and to help people complete the course. It’s easy to do, and I’ll give you a printable guide of post ideas.

Again, these coaching calls will take place in February to fit in with your teacher-entrepreneur schedule. I want to support you for a big summer launch, which is a little out-of-pace with the DCA timeline. Amy does a lot of coaching during the course (which you should totally take advantage of), and my calls will help you once DCA ends.

When you purchase through my link, you STILL get all the special bonuses Amy Porterfield is offering AND my special bonus package as well!

Still not sure if DCA is right for you?

Let's chat! I had a LOT of questions about DCA and creating a digital course in general when I was getting started (hey, we're teachers...it's what we do). So I'd love to help answer yours! Just email me at [email protected] or DM me on Instagram @not_so_wimpy_entrepreneur. Can't wait to connect with you!


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